BELL 407

Advanced Flight, Unbeatable Cost

An IFR-certified platform with more than six million proven global flight hours, ready to handle your mission.


Take your mission to its fullest potential.


Hover Ceiling IGE | 13,550ft
Hover Ceiling OGE | 11,940ft
Max Cruise | 133 kts | 246 km/h
Range at VLRC* | 337 nm | 624 km
Max Endurance | 4.0 hrs
*Std Max GW, ISA, Std. fuel – no reserve, at sea level

Standard Seating | 1+6
Standard Fuel | 127.8 US gal / 482.8 liters
Aux Fuel | 19 US gal / 71.9 liters
Cabin Volume** | 85ft3
Aft Baggage Compartment Volume | 16 ft3 / 0.5 m3
Empty Weight – (Base 407GXi Aircraft) | 2,700 lbs / 1,224 kg
Max Gross Weight (Internal, Standard) | 5,000 lbs / 2,268 kg
Max Gross Weight Internal – Optional | 5,250lb / 2,381 kg
Max Gross Weight (External Load) | 6,000 lbs / 2,722 kg
Useful Load – Internal -Standard – Base 407GXi -Specification | 2,300 lbs / 1,043 kg
Useful Load (Internal, Optional, Base 407GXi) | 2,550 lbs / 1,156 kg
Cargo Hook Capacity | 3,100 lbs / 1,406 kg

Takeoff | 862 SHP / 643 kW
Max Continuous | 761 SHP / 567 kW
Rolls-Royce Model 250-C47E/4 turboshaft engine with dual digital FADEC.

Enhanced pilot awareness with the GARMIN G1000H® NXi G1000H® NXi integrated Flight Deck with synthetic vision and terrain avoidance warning.

  • Wireless connectivity with Flight Stream 510 allows pilots to quickly sync flight plans and upload databases from smart devices
  • Moving map can be displayed on HSI freeing up the MFD for flight planning and other uses
  • Multi-Pane MFD capability for pilot selectable display of 2 simultaneous page views on the MFD
  • Power Situation Indicator (Single Indicator for Quick Pilot Monitoring)
  • Fuel Flow Indication and Range Ring mapping
  • Tail Rotor Camera (Display on MFD)
  • Additional features and options include: WireAware, ADS-B out and in, Radar Altimeter, TAS/TCAS I Traffic, and XM Weather


Allow parapublic passengers and pilots to maintain situational awareness. We know that no mission is ever the same.
Bell407 carries a large external load offering complete accessibility to tricky locations. Design to suit your needs according your operational requirements.
Load patients easily thanks to Bell 407 bi-fold doors, helicopter that helps to save time and lives.
Exceed your expectations. Bell 407 turns your flight into a boardroom.
Bell 407 is powerful and the most advanced light single multi-mission helicopter in service.
Bell407 glass cockpit modern avionics will help you master vertical flight.
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