What It’s Like Flying the Bell 505 with the Game-Changing Garmin GFC G600H Autopilot Feature

Bell’s Autonomous Pod Transport expands the possibilities for business operations, cargo movement and battlefield resource resupply as an agile eVTOL vehicle. Showing off its latest milestone, the electric vehicle moved 70 lbs. worth of goods – two separate bags around 35 lbs. each – over 11 miles before efficiently dropping both bags simultaneously. APT also offers the capability to drop one payload at a time. This quick cargo movement and release is made possible by the aircraft’s architecture – autonomous systems that calculate the release point to hit its target while factoring in ground speed, above ground level and distance.

Bell showcased this capability and more at the Army Expeditionary Warrior Experiment (AEWE) 2022 at Fort Benning, Georgia, March 21-24. As the event draws out the latest in military technology, Bell’s APT exhibited all its progress to U.S. forces and demonstrated its ability to complete the resupply missions.

APT offers overhead support in a near peer fight with its small size, terrain flight, landing freedom and low acoustics to deliver an advantage to teams in battle. Where other aircraft require manpower and fuel to quickly drop resources to warfighters, APT does not. Instead, the vehicle moves quietly and quickly to move critical resources when they’re needed the most.

APT carries 70 lbs. of payload upwards of 35 miles with a max payload capability of 100 lbs. and has completed more than 420 flights on-site at military bases or over the desert terrain of Yuma, Arizona. Serving as Bell’s premier all-electric, autonomous test vehicle, the platform is ready to enhance operations for businesses, military forces and consumers all over the world.